"Going green" with Stilolinea
For your "sustainable" office

From Nature to Nature

Stilolinea is very attentive to environmental issues and the impact of production processes on the ecosystem. Therefore, the energy used for the production of our promotional pens also comes from renewable sources, to limit the use of fossil fuels. 

The eco-friendly line highlights STILOLINEA’s environmental awareness and a correct attitude of recognising the importance for the protection of the planet’s natural heritage for future generations.

The ballpens Vegetal Pen, Ingeo Pen and Bio-S! Pen, are manufactured with a revolutionary material (PLA - Polylactic Acid); its use does help the reduction of environmental impact since it is derived from 100% renewable natural fibers, not derived from petroleum. What makes them even more interesting is the final result: three pens displaying characteristics that are equal to those manufactured with petroleum-derived materials. In addition, this resin – prodouce by the US company NatureWorks - is biocompostable, i.e. after undergoing an industrial composting process it breaks down in nature partially reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. With this company Stilolinea has developed a close working relationship that has led to the use of the name patented by NatureWorks - "Ingeo" - for the launch of the second compostable ballpoint pen.

The low environmental impact from this NatureWorks PLA resin is documented by results of specific analyses carried out by the German DIN CERTCO laboratory. 

With this line Stilolinea wants to present itself as a company able of creating appealing objects of merchandising even for the most environmentally conscious companies.

Finally, Stilolinea has also introduced in its product range two pens made from recycled plastic: Eco-Baron and Eco-Ciak.

Discover the complete Stilolinea eco-friendly line.